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We are the leading cover manufactures in the country with 100 years experience in floor druggets of every kind.

Ideal for protecting your floors from chair and table scuffs during exam periods.

Made from "A" Grade PVC.

British Polyarn 610 gram.

Colours: blue/black/red/green/white.

We only use FLAME PROOF MATERIAL in accordance with the Local Authority Regulations.

We visit, measure and fit on request for an agreed fee.

Made in a couple of weeks (earlier if customer requires).

All covers are made in sections and joined by industrial Velcro. Each section when disassembled is stored in a large valise bag (supplied free) and numbered for ease of assembly.

Full advice is given to Caretakers, Managers, Head Teachers etc regarding laying the cover for time saving purposes.WE HAVE MADE THE ASSEMBLY OF THE COVER AS SIMPLE AS LAYING A TABLE CLOTH!

We have a "no quibble" guarantee and there are no hidden extras.